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Preventing Unauthorized Access to and Disclosure of Confidential Employee Information

Posted in Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Employee Privacy
Inherent in all employment relationships is the fact that employers are privy to all sorts of confidential information about their employees.  For example, in order to do something as simple as paying an employee’s wages, an employer will generally need to know the employee’s social security number, and, in cases of direct wage deposit, will… Continue Reading

Issues to Consider When Using Biometric Scanners to Track Attendance

Posted in Employee Privacy
Many employers now track employee attendance by using biometric scanners that require an employee to clock in and out by scanning a fingerprint or a palmprint.  Such scanners have largely replaced paper timesheets and have made managing employee attendance more accurate and efficient.  However, employees sometimes express privacy concerns when asked to provide such data.  Many employees… Continue Reading

The Use of Social Media During the Hiring Process: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

Posted in Background Checks, Employee Privacy
As the social media phenomenon continues to dominate our culture and its use has become second-nature, it is worthwhile to revisit some of the issues presented by an employer’s use of social media, particularly in the context of hiring. Social media presents a unique workplace conundrum.  On one hand, employees generally believe that their use… Continue Reading

Lawmakers Scrutinize Employer Efforts to Access Employee and Applicant Private Social Media Web Sites

Posted in Employee Privacy, New York Law
As we noted in our June 17, 2010 blog post, social networking sites have become a popular tool for employers seeking information about job applicants during the hiring process.  However, employers’ efforts to obtain information that enables them to access their employees’ and applicants’ private social media web sites have recently been subject to increased… Continue Reading

A Few Tips for Drafting Social Networking Policies

Posted in Employee Privacy
With the rise in the use of social networking sites comes an increased need for employers to implement policies governing employee use of such sites. A well-drafted social networking policy is essential because an employer's existing policies, such as those governing confidentiality or the use of the employer's computer systems, may not be broad enough to protect against employee misuse of social networking sites.… Continue Reading