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A “Fair and Balanced” Look at a Salary Claw-Back Against an Alleged Serial Sexual Harasser

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One of underlying themes of the now defunct “O’Reilly Factor” was that the liberal elites have brought about the “wussification” of America.  In Mr. O’Reilly’s world, personal responsibility has given way to excuses and coddling, begging the question:  where is good old fashioned comeuppance when it is needed?  We can answer that question. While Mr.… Continue Reading

Facially Sex-Neutral Statements and Conduct May Support a Sexually Hostile Work Environment Claim

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The Second Circuit’s recent decision in Moll v. Telesector Resources Group, Inc. is a good reminder to employers that a sexually hostile work environment claim can be based on more than just sexually explicit or sexually offensive statements and conduct.  Such a claim can also be established by facially sex-neutral statements and conduct under certain circumstances.… Continue Reading

Best Practices for Workplace Discrimination Investigations

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Conducting an internal investigation of allegations of workplace discrimination, including harassment is a difficult and unpleasant task, but one that must be done properly and completely in order to yield correct results and assist the employer in defending litigated claims. This blog provides some tips on conducting good internal investigations.… Continue Reading